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His mullet hairstyle is a trademark of sorts; other characters comment on it frequently, and it earns him the nickname 'Franken-Mullet.' His hair grows steadily longer over the course of the second season, and he grows mutton-chop sideburns. Brock lived with Steve Summers and Sasquatch, during which his body fell horribly out of shape, resulting in a potbelly and devolved muscles. The only villain who seems to be able to communicate with Brock on his own level is Phantom Limb.

In Season 5, due to Gathers becoming the new leader of the O. Appropriate to his half-Swedish heritage, he has blonde hair and light blue eyes. Brock seems to be unfazed by most super-villains, despite his comment that the Guild of Calamitous Intent is one of few organizations he respects.

On occasions, Brock has attempted to even tried to teach the boys various martial arts (with some difficulty) in order for them to be better prepared for the world. In Season 6, when he returns to work with them, the boys are overjoyed and Brock is shown helping the boys in their new lives as young adults.

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In Assisted Suicide, Brock demonstrates what his friends believe to be a 'legitimate superpower': his ability to know when someone is in his car. He has an avuncular relationship with the Venture boys, often shows greater concern for their well-being than Dr.

He also reveals that, after rebuilding the machine, he kitted it with an environmentally safe electric motor. Venture, although both are frequently annoyed by them.

Brock has apparently built a flamethrower into the car's steering wheel, and rigged it to activate during any attempt at hotwiring the vehicle. Venture, although the two don't always take each other seriously.

When Brock is forced to destroy the car in The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I), he is so emotionally affected that he is temporarily unable to speak. They have a long history together and have been shown to fondly reminisce about past escapades.

Venture being given a large company and fortune from his late brother, making him a giant target for actual high ranked villains and not just mid level ones like the Monarch, re-taking his place from an ousted Sergeant Hated. Brock also sports a half-finished tattoo of the Swan Song Records logo on his right biceps which he describes as "Icarus from the Led Zeppelin albums." After the start of season 4, Brock has a metal plate fastened between his pectorals to cover a wound he received when H. Although he has since healed, the plate has yet to be removed.

In Season 6, Brock is re-assigned to protect the Ventures by General Gathers due to Dr. In keeping with the show's vaguely anachronistic sense of fashion, Brock is usually drawn in clothing styles that were popular in the 1970s and early 80's: four-pocket sports shirts, skin-tight polos, pastel-colored pants, white shoes, and side-zip ankle boots are all recurring items of clothing in his wardrobe. Venture appear to be the only characters on the show with significantly varied wardrobe. P.e R's head was lodged in his chest following an explosion.

It has been shown that Brock deeply cares for the "boys," as he calls them.

While being a mentor-like figure to both of them as well as their primary guardian. He goes on to say that being away from them was one of the hardest things he has ever done.

Rusty also left college a short time after this because of the death of his father.

They later meet again when Brock is assigned to be his body guard.

the Guild of Calamitous Intent the Investors(Deceased) Long Division Monstroso (Deceased) Mike Sorayama (Deceased) the Monarch Phantom Limb S. At some point, Brock has been fleshed out considerably is his love/hate relationship with former KGB agent-turned-freelance-mercenary and came to refer to her as the "only woman [he has] ever loved." Brock's career as an O. Fantamos as a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent during the episode The Invisible Hand of Fate. He killed three assassins and played the Monarch against the O. I., only to learn that they had never intended to have him killed in the first place. Later on, he learned that Molotov and Hunter Gathers had hired the assassins and lead him to believe that the OSI wanted to kill him. He generally disdains firearms, preferring to kill instead with his hands or his Bowie knife, but occasionally makes exceptions for certain projectile weapons.

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