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Think the guys working construction jobs in the summer heat or people working at fast food restaurants for minimum wage would consider it a burden to run around on a practice field in no pads at OTAs?

Or lift weights and prepare for the season ahead in training camp while being paid millions of dollars?

This is another example of how Peterson just doesn't get it.

He never truly understood the public outrage at his child abuse incident that caused him to miss the 2014 season.

MORE: Sporting News makes its Super Bowl prediction It's a shame that the seven time Pro Bowler and three-time league rushing champ continues to tarnish his image and legacy with his lapses in judgment and poorly thought out comments.

He's at an age (31) when most running backs hit the wall in terms of career longevity and in today's quarterback driven NFL, expensive running backs are invariably potential cap casualties.

Peterson's attitude is an insult to fans, former players and current players who understand that this offseason and training camp prep work is part of the job description.

And it's extra insulting to come from a player who has not had a preseason carry in the last several years as the Vikings coaches protect their star from injury.

Has Peterson forgotten that the offseason and training camp rules were significantly loosened in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement, so that the offseason program is shorter and players rarely wear full pads in practice — including during the regular season?

MORE: Best active NFL player from every state When I first started working in the NFL in the 1970's, training camps lasted six weeks with two-a-day practices virtually on a daily basis. I guarantee you that retired NFL players who worked through that grinding schedule would scoff at Peterson and not be sympathetic to his concerns.

He said he was just disciplining his 4-year-old son with the same type of punishment he took as a kid.

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