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The IEP team must really work together to make sure that a child gets the supplementary aids and services that he or she needs to be successful.Team members talk about the child’s needs, the curriculum, and school routine, and openly explore all options to make sure the right supports for the specific child are included.Much more can be said about these important supports and services.

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It is one way that schools determine how well and how much students are learning.

IDEA now states that students with disabilities should have as much involvement in the general curriculum as possible.

If the IEP team decides that a child needs a particular modification or accommodation, this information must be included in the IEP.

Supports are also available for those who work with the child, to help them help that child be successful.

He is in a regular 8th grade class that is team-taught by a general education teacher and a special education teacher.

Modifications and accommodations provided for Jack’s daily school routine (and when he takes state or district-wide tests) include the following: Because adapting the content, methodology, and/or delivery of instruction is an essential element in special education and an extremely valuable support for students, it’s equally essential to know as much as possible about how instruction can be adapted to address the needs of an individual student with a disability.It’s a pleasure to share some of that knowledge with you now.For example: Jack is an 8th grade student who has learning disabilities in reading and writing.For many students with disabilities—and for many without—the key to success in the classroom lies in having appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications made to the instruction and other classroom activities.Some adaptations are as simple as moving a distractible student to the front of the class or away from the pencil sharpener or the window.The IEP team can decide that a particular test is not appropriate for a child.

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