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Young Dancers of the Moscow School of Isadora Duncan (drawings of 1924-1925).

In the 1920s the artist visited Isadora Duncan's concerts and her studios in Moscow.

I heard the voice of a freind on my answering machine. Lori was smiling, Lori was beaming, Lori was giving energy to everyone she met starting with the administrator and ending up with the lighting operator.

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I told Lori about Nadezhda Volpin, a poet and a translator and one of Yesenin's women who had a son by him. "You never know what new doors may open for you", said Meg Brooker, one of Lori's dancers when we were watching the Gala Performance at the Chaikovsky Music Hall where Lori did her solo "Revolutionary". Despite her old age she looked great, her eyes sparkling.

And she was elegant wearing jewelry of the times of the Russian tsars.

Lori and the girls went to sleep to the hotel - jetlagged, but happy.

Indeed, there were 9 more happy days in store for all of us. She could really make the world go round and round her - despite all the difficulties.

These displays on Isadora Duncan and her students taken from the archives tell us about the history of free dance in Russia. The artist visited the concerts of Isadora in Paris at the beginning of 1909, made sketches from nature, which he later used for a series of graphic works (etchings, aquatint).

He gave one of them (color aquatint 1911) to Iradora herself in 1912.

The conference will be held on 7 and 8 July 2005 in Moscow in the Library and Foundation of Russian Diaspora (N. We met daughters of the artists who used to portray Duncan dancers during the Silver Age of arts in Russia (1900s-1930s) as well as daughters of some of the Duncan students in Moscow.

Exhibitions staged during the Festival showed unique art works and historical pieces.

"All the movements are inside me", she said showing us some steps.

I tried to find out how old she was, but she answered evasively that she was quite old, around 90.

The company was great too - lovely amiable girls filled up the dressing rooms, the rehearsing area and the stage with the joy of life, nice smells, smiles and, of course, dance.

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