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Ok so some of us just want a good date and eventually a good pash, cuddle and FWB but really what's the big deal. I joined RSVP recently (January 2018), as part of a promotion for their Premium membership, in which new members received two weeks worth of Premium membership free as part of a trial (plus two free " communication stamps").At 55 plus society needs to loosen up and enjoy life but it seems RSVP is for the top end of town ladies, personally I find it a waste of time. Was chatting to what I thought was a reasonable and genuine guy and then he just suddenly de-activated his profile (taking a Break apparently).

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And I suspect they sell your details to a third person. Rsvp has been exposed on a current events program for underhanded dealings. They obviously don't pay too much attention to customer profiles.

You have better chance if you stood on a street corner. Stamps are $15 each and while that seems okay it soon builds up in cost.

This is evident in that most women you contact, provide pics or contact details or plans to contact fall on deaf ears and you hear nothing. I was able to contact this crowd but they refused to support the claim.

This demands a stamp refund in my books by won't happen. Simultaneously they continued to accept further payment.

so do not understand what they are doing and they won’t explain to me either. They can continue and meanwhile someone completely innocent of anything gets suspended...figure!!!

The people I’ve met on the site have been ok though!! This so called website and app is preying on lonely hearts join a free app like tinder or POF plenty of fish.

I recently took advantage of what appeared to be a one-off deal for involving me receiving 3 stamps and premium membership for 1 month and after finding a partner through the site I had set my profile to "taking a break" from RSVP.

Unbeknown to me, despite obviously no longer being active on the site, I continue to be charged at a rate p/month.

I contacted support and they told me via email that my account was suspended and in order to activate it I had to provide my drivers license or my passport.

I’ve always been polite and responded to kisses and emails, have put up recent photos etc. What happens to the scammers and people who don’t respond to kisses etc.??

The site is filled with the same old woman who are serial daters and looking for mr impossible.

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