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If the client isn't sending the update, it's not getting to the server so server troubleshooting will be useless.

Likewise, if the server is receiving the update but the record is still not getting updated then it might be a dns Node object permission problem. If you need help, this Technet article is a great resource we'd recommend for understanding the entire workflow from client to server.

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I did as you told exactly but the same log as the above.

It has been over 20 mins and there is nothing which related to update the PTR.

Maybe this issue relate to turn on/off DHCP Service (I use OK, that was just to make sure that you're not hitting a certain bug in the Samba connector.

No output is good output I don't know exactly how Windows decides which server to contact for the updates.

I've also checked setting of computer which having PTR record.

It has the value in "DNS reverse zone" as your guess.

When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network.

The cache is cleared over a certain amount of time.

We hope this primer to troubleshooting dynamic DNS updates was able to point you in the right direction to the problem -- and a solution.

When a problem occurs start from the client and work your way back.

In our domain the DHCP server is just a member server, not the DC master, but the PTR our Windows clients send are handled by the DC master (which is our sole Active Directory domain controller).

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