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Libel — Definitions — Discussion of the Subject 33 8. Defamation Defined and Classified — Written Defamation, Libel — Oral Defamation, Slander — But Different Methods of Accomplishing the Same Wrong 33 2.

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CI i STATE JOURNAL PRINTING COMPANY, Printers ajto STEREOTYMais, luniso K, WIS. In the preparation of this work it has been the design of the writer to glean from the reports of the courts of all English-speaking countries the principal adjudications upon the law of defamation, and to arrange and classify them into one book, containing the entire law of libel and slander -as administered in the courts of the United States of America.

In the work, it is hoped, will be found everything needed by the attor- neys for the plaintiff as well as for the defendant in the prosecution and defense of all actions for defamation, both civil and criminal.

Distinction between Libel and Slander in England 70 13. Digest of English Cases — Barristers; Medical Men; News- paper Men 73 14. Illustrations — Digest of American Cases — Digest of English Cases 74 III. Illustrations — Digest of American Cases — Digest of English Cases 78 18.

Slander Defined 84 2, Dlustrations — Digest of American Cases ; (1) Words Action- able in Themselves.

What is Libelous — Illustrations — Digest of American Cases : 1. — Entries in Books of Corporations, Associa- tions, etc.

Publications in Newspapers — Publica- tions in Books ' and Pamphlets, etc.— Posting Placards, Handbills, etc. Words falsely spoken of a person which impute that the party is infected with some contagious disease, where, if the charge is true, it would exclude the party from society 41 3. Slander Defined — The Commentators : Blaokstone, Hilliard, Kent — Conclusion 37 5. Words falsely spoken of a person which impute to the party the commission of some criminal offense involving moral turpitude, for which the party, if the charge is true, may be Indicted and punished 41 2. », In the chapter upon evidence the law has been given both as to the plaintiff's proofs under pleas of the general issue and justification in actions iv PEEFAOE. for words actionable with and without proof of special damage, as well as the defendant's proof in all cases. With this object in view, the writer has placed in one chapter a brief historical review of the law, for the use of those members of the profession who take pride in knowing something of its history as well as of the law itself.

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