19 year old online dating

There is only so much unattended time two teens can spend together before the inevitable takes place.

I beseech you — if nothing else — please have your daughter visit a good obstetrician-gynecologist to have a frank discussion about sex and sexuality.

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But if your relationship with her is pretty good, do you feel challenged when it comes time to create and uphold reasonable boundaries?

From where I am sitting, your 15-year-old is doing what she pleases and her boyfriend is telling you when he is going to have sex with her, and you are the only one feeling uneasy? It is easy to let rational boundaries slip away if upsetting emotions feel too big.

If this is threatening to you, I strongly suggest you seek a good therapist and find your voice.

Realistically, I am not overly concerned that he is 19 years old.

He has chutzpah, this guy.) So, you do have some level of discourse with this man, and that matters.

[How to talk to kids about sex ] So, things could be a lot worse.

There are developmental milestones that he has had (graduating from high school) that your daughter may be missing out on if she is sitting at his place, watching TV and waiting for him to get home from work.

And call me jaded, but I have a very strong suspicion that if they are not already sexually active, they will be soon.

But we are in the land of reality and not pure emotionality, so let's be practical here. (Yes, there is good news.) •Hey, you know about this man!

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