100 women and girls dating rashida jones and john krasinski dating

A lot of newbie questions on game are about how to fix a specific situation with a specific girl.

If you want to see her again you have continue your lover frame in the bedroom; leave the romantic love making for her boyfriend or for when you know each other better – now it’s time for fucking her brains out.

Dominate her and let her feel dominated, she wants to be taken. Even if you don’t care of seeing her again, you have to make this your default performance for the first time you smash a girl, it’s just part of your frame Read Fisto’s article how to use sex for more information.

Trying to impress a girl is a bad move anyway but trying to impress her with material things is even worse.

The only thing you are achieving when you try to brag about your possessions or finances is getting her to think how much she can mooch off you.

Last year was an incredible year for me; I traveled a lot of countries across the world and smashed a lot of exotic girls.

Last year I banged well over 100 girls covering the entire spectrum of personalities: I met pure angels and I met some of the worst kind too; I smashed virgins and I smashed super sluts. In the past year I had some moments when I slowed it down and had a mini relationship, other times I maintained a group of regulars and sometimes I was smashing a few new girls a day (Full Month Cunt Hunt).The few times I turned around a cold girl to being interested were actually by soft-nexting her.Sporadically keep in touch with her and only try to make a move again after a few months.I did exactly what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it.Having this kind of variety not only in types of girls but also in the metre of intensity is the key to long term traveling and adventuring.But if you fucked things up with a girl, you are really better off forgetting about the whole affair and moving on to the next girl, where you can start off with a clean slate. Over the past year I fucked up a few times and lost some really cool girls.

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