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MEDICATION ASSISTANCE Cancer Care 800-813-4673 Cancer Care® Co-Payment Assistance Foundation (CCAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping patients afford their co-payments for (MDS), Acute Myeloid Leaukemia (AML), Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) – Essential Thrombocythemia, Myelofibrosis, and Polycythemia Vera.Offers co-pay assistance for pediatric MDS and AML as well.Leukemia Research Foundation (888) 813-4673 Provides qualified MDS patients who live in Illinois with financial assistance.

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BMT Info Net The BMT Info Net Patient Assistant Fund (PAF) assists patients and caregivers with living expenses during treatment. org (800) 366-2682 Provides fundraising assistance for children & young adults needing bone marrow transplants.

Also advocates for marrow, organ and tissue donation.

Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan 530-3000 Offers financial and emotional support for Michigan residents with blood and bone marrow disorders.

Good Days 968-7233 Provides medication co-pay assistance for MDS patients with private insurance or Medicare Part-D plan.

Patient Advocate Foundation/ Equal Access to Health Care 532-5274 Offers personal assistance to patients with MDS.

Through a personal case manager, they may be able to help you deal with your insurance company, as well as health-related problems with your employer or creditors.Partnership for Prescription Assistance 477-2669 Single point of access to more than 275 public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 offered by pharmaceutical companies.RXAssist – Volunteers in Health Care 844-8442 Maintains a database of resources for low-income patients to receive free or low-cost medications. Together RX Access 444-4106 Provides a free card for discounts on more than 300 brand-name drugs and some generic drugs at participating pharmacies.Medicare – Prescription Drug Program information on public and private programs that offer discounted or free medication, programs that provide help with other health care costs and Medicare health plans that include prescription coverage.National Association of Counties (877) 321-2652 Your county may be able to provide you with a discount card that allows you to buy medications at a reduced rate at participating pharmacies.If CDF cannot help you, they will refer you to other resources for assistance.

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